Maureen reviewed LIVE on YouTube Show

My song "Maureen" was reviewed LIVE on the Roast n Review show this week. The response was overwhelmingly positive! 

I must admit that the format of this show both terrified me and excited me, but my highest-level goal is to get my music in front of as many new ears as possible and this was exactly that opportunity.

It's hard to put into words how I felt watching two complete strangers listen to, and review, my music live. I was physically shaking the entire time. The concept of "roasting" does not sit particularly well with me. Constructive criticism, great. General dislike of my music, no problem. But the world is already so full of hate and I was waiting to get ripped apart by strangers in front of strangers. I'm fortunate that they seemed genuinely interested and moved by the music. *phew*

This song is especially personal to me. I wrote it about my late dear friend and singing teacher, Maureen Moore. She was like a second mother to me and one of my closest friends during the most awkward and confusing years of my life. I was with her throughout her entire battle with cancer. 


It took me over a year to finally get the courage to write about her after she passed. I thought about her then, and still think about her now, nearly every day. At the time, I couldn't bring myself to confront my feelings about how much I loved her and how much I was grieving. Eventually, my producer Kyle Caprista and I finally tackled it, and the end-result is something so monumental. It hits me in such a powerful way every time I sing it.

When I've felt pain in the past, it's tended to feel so deeply personal and unique. It feels isolating. But I'm learning that pain, and loss, and bereavement is something that's part of the collective human experience. It's something we all share and understand. It's certainly something we yearn to connect on.

It helps me cope every time someone says that they relate with this song. It helps me feel connected to others and it helps me honor Maureen. I'm incredibly grateful to know that this song resonates with so many of you.

My current music teacher, Heather Pierce, reminded me that music allows us to tap into emotions we couldn't express or feel on our own. Listening to music grants us a way to find release.

Truth be told, Maureen and this song are the reason why I called this album "Release The Ghost." I want to set the pain free and fully embrace all the beauty that she taught me, that she embodied, and that she represents. The world may be dark at times but we are all trying our hardest to contribute our own light.

I want to thank Jermahn Williams for finding me on Instagram (because of this video) and asking me to submit my music to the Roast n Review show. Another thanks to Kayo and "MF Stallion" for the opportunity and the experience. I have grown so much. 

To watch the full ~5 min review of Maureen on YouTube:

If you're a fan of the song, you can stream & purchase it here: