Live Shows and New Music Previews!

Come see me play Wed 9/26 at Bottom of the Hill!

Come see me play Wed 9/26 at Bottom of the Hill!

I’ve been busting my bum since I decided to fully commit to this music-as-a-business thing. I’ve written 12 new songs since April. I’m preparing to record my 4th album this fall. I’m booking shows in Northern and Southern California. I’m trying to play Austin, Texas in Spring of 2019. I have high hopes of playing the broader Denver area and the Pacific North West next year — let’s see what happens!

I have a HUGE SHOW next Wednesday, the 26th of September. I am opening for a massive UK star, Lucy Spraggan. You may have seen her get famous back in 2012 on X Factor UK (her audition has been viewed over 40 million times). Since then she has grown to net four Top 40 albums. She’s performed at some of the UK’s most popular festivals (like Glastonbury) and now she’s making her way through a US and Canada tour. She’s an incredible artist and this is by far the most prestigious artist I’ve ever opened for. [Tickets Here]

I’ll be playing with a full band and we’ll be playing every song on my last album, Release The Ghost, as well as the best of my oldies and a collection of new songs I am going to put on my future albums (see below for a preview).

If you're in Northern California and can make it to one of my shows, come out. Come say hello. Let me entertain you. Tell me your stories. Talk to me about the music and moments that are important to you.

We all need more human connection. We need more opportunities to know that we're not alone; that we're not the only ones reaching for more.

New Music

Here’s a preview of a song that will be on my future album called “Follow You”. It’s a love song which reflects on all the lovely, tiny fragments of sweet memories we collect when in love. It’s about love, but it’s also about about being enraptured. That’s what love is all about after all, isn’t it? It’s a falling, but it’s also an obsession.

My Motivation

My greatest desire in the world is to make music people connect with and to forge connections with all of you through the music I create. The world is such a crazy place these days, but I choose to hold on to hope that we humans are good and that music can be the ticket to uniting us.

Let’s connect

I’m active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Come say hello!