Heart-on-your-sleeve artistry
— Huffington Post


Tawnee Kendall delivers commanding melodies with the gravity of rock, the preen of pop-glam, and the storytelling force of folk.

Tawnee Kendall first took the stage at age four and was performing regularly up and down California by age 10. Her first performances were at state fairs, farmers markets, and yacht clubs - entertaining crowds with old familiar classics like Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, and Hank Williams. 

At age 15, Tawnee jumped at the opportunity to buy her first guitar and began teaching herself how to play. She's been writing and performing her own music ever since.

Raised on Country, Bluegrass, and Rock and Roll, it's easy to hear Tawnee's roots coming through in her songs. She has released three EPs: In Between Spaces, Still Taste It featuring The Hangover Brigade, and Release The Ghost. Tawnee's latest album, Release The Ghost, perfectly captures the sound and story of those old classics while still remaining forward and modern. 

Today, Tawnee is based in San Francisco and plays regularly throughout the Bay Area and California. She is the co-founder of Homophonic, a Queer Singer/Songwriter showcase that has been entertaining San Francisco audiences at Martuni's since 2012. 

She will be releasing her fourth studio EP, Whale Fall, mid-2019.

Immerse yourself in the Tawnee Kendall experience.
Her music will take you on a sensuous, life-affirming journey of heartache, lust, and connection.



Release The Ghost is Tawnee Kendall's third EP. With this release she captures the grit, rawness, power, and magnetism that has dominated her live performances. Tawnee collaborated with producer Kyle Caprista for Release the Ghost. The result is captivating storytelling foundations akin to Patsy Cline or Ryan Adams. Each track has powerful waves of enveloping sound and memorable riffs that spotlight Kyle’s contribution.

Release The Ghost is an elevated musical experience that tangles melodies around your head and heart. You will be tapping your feet and humming the songs long after the music has ended. 



Out Now, Release the Ghost is a 4-track album that mixes the sweet with the somber and the up-lifting. The stories contained within breathe a Country vibe, while the music itself is eclectic but cohesive.

This is heart-on-your-sleeve artistry – filled with lyrics that tell very personal experiences of pain, loss, love, and hope – a release of emotions that built the gateway to a new beginning. Thank you, Tawnee, for taking us on this journey with you.

Alexis Coram, Huffington Post [10.15.2017]

Lead singer, Tawnee Kendall's, beautiful and commanding voice coats The Hangover Brigade's saucy folk country pop music sensibilities with great ease and melodious style. 

Deli Magazine, Artist of the Month. [10.2.13]

The Hangover Brigade brings a jam band feel that brings out lead singer, Tawnee Kendall’s power-driven vocal capabilities. Their song, “Any Way I Can Get It”, brings out the talent of the band, and their music is an experience itself that captivates the listener in a trance and doesn’t let go.

Victor Casilles Valle, Deli Magazine. [8.22.13]