1 Min Sneak Preview of "Maureen" off upcoming EP

Introducing the second sneak preview of "Maureen", the second track off my upcoming album, Release The Ghost, coming out October 5th. 

I have been trying to write this song for a couple years now. A person very near and dear to my heart passed away from cancer a few years back and I was positively wrecked by her passing. She was my singing teacher, piano teacher, and all around best friend for most of my life. I called her my second mother. I helped her put on plays at her house, I was even her 'office assistant' and would clean her house and reorganize her office -- anything to spend more time with her and help her out. 

When she was sick, we would spend every Monday together while she got chemo treatments. These moments were so overwhelmingly sad, but also I was so blessed to have extra time with her while knowing what was on the horizion. We talked in depth about all the many things I wanted to do in life, if Tyler and I would get married, have kids, travel the world -- all things that I have done since she has passed. Her passing has really been the impetus for me doing a lot of things with my life. 

Once Maureen passed, I wasn't sure how I would get on without her. I thought I would be swimming in my sadness perpetually. But eventually, days start passing and not all hours are filled with darkness. I started feeling her with me in all the small things, hearing her laugh, how she'd sing-song all her sentences to me. The darkness turned to sweetness. She's always with me, she's carried in my memories of her. 

Once this song was fully finished, I felt like I had released a bit of her ghost - the part that I was holding on to and needed to let go of. That's a lot of the reason why this EP is called Release The Ghost. 

I hope you enjoy this little preview of the song and I hope it grows to mean as much to you as it means to me. 


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