1 Min Sneak Preview of "Best of You" off Upcoming EP

Best of You was a song originally written back in 2010 after my last partner and I broke up. At the time it was my longest held relationship and I felt as though I had given it everything I had. I put so much into it, and in the end got nothing in return. It was a devastating breakup for me as I had been lied to so much throughout all of it. It made me question what was real. If I could give my best , but never see the best of you.

I've been playing this song for years and once my producer, Kyle Caprista, listened to it he mentioned how it felt incomplete - he wanted to hear more of the story and be with the song longer. So, we reimagined the structure and I wrote lyrics for a new ending. 

Now, seven years later, my perspective is so different about how that relationship ended. Yes, it didn't end the way I wanted it to, but it brought me into the next chapter of my life. A chapter which would include a deeply profound, rewarding, supportive love, marriage, world wide travel, and the encouragement which would give way to strength to persue music as a full time career. 

If you want to hear the (sort of) original version, you can listen to it here.

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