Still Taste It EP available for FREE Download on Soundcloud

We spent some of 2013 and 14 recording this three-song EP at Tiny Telephone Recordings in San Francisco. We released it on October 25th at Milk Bar in San Francisco. It was a riot of a time, considering it was also my 30th birthday party, and the last time The Brigade would perform together. 

A bitter-sweet event, sure, but ultimately it was a highlight of my life and career. We played to over 100 people. There were strangers in the audience who were singing my lyrics right along with me. Afterwards, I was asked to take pictures with people I had never met. A little glimpse of what's to come!

Please go download the album for FREE on Soundcloud! Then let me know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I'm always excited to meet new people and hear what you think!

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