3 Steps to help be the "grown up"​ you dreamed of being as a child

As a child, what did you want to be when you "grew up"? Was being happy an inextricable facet of whatever you'd be doing?

When we were children, we envisioned adulthood as the space where we could do or be anything. Where our imagination, creativity, and thirst for constant play could be realized.

How can we change our daily adult behavior to help us pay homage to our younger selves? Here are 3 steps you can do in your daily life to be the “grown up” you dreamed of being as a child.

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Tawnee KendallComment
Live Shows and New Music Previews!

Hear where I’m planning to play next - it may be near you!

I have a HUGE SHOW next Wednesday, the 26th of September. I am opening for a massive UK star, Lucy Spraggan. You may have seen her get famous back in 2012 on X Factor UK (her audition has been viewed over 40 million times).

I’ll be playing with a full band and we’ll be playing every song on my last album, Release The Ghost, as well as the best of my oldies and a collection of new songs I am going to put on my future albums.

Click for a Full-Length unplugged version of my newest song!

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Maureen reviewed LIVE on YouTube Show

My song "Maureen" was reviewed LIVE on the Roast n Review show this week. The response was overwhelmingly positive! 

I must admit that the format of this show both terrified me and excited me, but my highest-level goal is to get my music in front of as many new ears as possible and this was exactly that opportunity.

It's hard to put into words how I felt watching two complete strangers listen to, and review, my music live. I was physically shaking the entire time. The concept… [560 more words]

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